Winged liner & bold lip: welcome spring!

Upon request here is the list of products I used on yesterday’s look I posted on Instagram:



– MAC Prolongwear concealer in NW35 and NC35 (undereye area, between the brows, below the hollows of the cheeks and on my chin);
– MAC Cream Color Base in Midtone Sepia (hollows of the cheeks, jawline, temples and hairline);
– Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat in the color Beige (slightly too pink for me!);
– MAC Select Pressed Sheer powder in NC40;
– Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark brown;
– MAC Studio finish concealer in NC35 to clean up the edges of my brows;
– MAC MSF in Give me sun! in the hollows of my cheeks;
– MAC blush in Pinch Me.

– Ingot gel liner in #77;
– Makeup Studio 4D mascara.

– MAC lip eraser in Dim;
– MAC lip pencil in Lasting Sensation;
– MAC Retro matte lipstick in Relentlessly Red

You just need some black eyeliner and a bold lip to make a statement!


Enjoy spring!!!

xoxo, – S. –


Eyebrow power: how I perfect my (almost non-existent) brows

I am back with a pictorial I know a lot of girls I know will definitely appreciate.

But first, a little introduction is needed. When I was younger I had squared and thick brows, with quite sparse hairs. As I turned 15, I decided it was timw to fix them and that’s when I started plucking them. I reached a point where I only had a very thin line instead of an eyebrow…even my mother was horrified and she would keep saying I should stop otherwise I would ruin them forever.
Back then I did not listen to her advise and just kept plucking any new hair.
As I got into make-up (I was 26) I had to face the eyebrow issue. I would watch any tutorial on YouTube trying to find something that would work for me.
I would use powder products and pencils at first, but I soon found out any of those would make me achieve the effect I wanted. So I walked into the MAC store one day and I asked this girl how she did her eyebrows, and she suggested MAC’s gel liner in Dipbrown. I tried many different techniques and the one that follows is THE only one that makes my brows look picture perfect without making them look fake.

I do not believe in the 3 point techniques because everyone has different eye shapes and I feel it is not applicable to everybody.
What I would suggest to those who still haven’t found their perfect shape yet, just sit down and try different looks. Eyebrows are the frames of our face and their shape really changes our features drastically.

In regards to products, there are so many different ones on the market. Girls with thick eyebrows would go very well with brow gels as they are basicllay giving a slight color and also keep the hairs in place.
Pencils and powders are suitable for those who have regular brows, nothing too dramatic. As of me, I find that the cream/gel in a jar option is the best. Having sparse and thin brows, I feel that this kind of gel (mind: not the brow gel!) covers any bald spot because of its pigmentation and I honestly find it much easier to apply and blend.

Anyways here is the pictorial, I hope you find this helpful and please don’t try and follow the exact shape I created for myself. Find your perfect shape first and pick up some of the tips I am going to give here:


1 and 2: after your skincare, use a brush to smooth out your canvas;

3 and 4: using my new Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (I use the color Deep Brown) and my MAC 263 brush I trace the outline of my eyebrow.
You can try using any gel liner that you have, but make sure the color is right. The eyebrow color should be as close as your root hair color as possible.

5: I then fill in the brow leaving the first 1/3 clean and color free, and trying to give a gradient effect as I get to the tail. You want the end of the brow slightly darker.

6: take a thick angled brush, and use it to blend the color in from the 2nd third to the tail. Once you’re done, use whatever is left on the brush to fill in the first third, which we had left blank earlier.

7: using a clean mascara wand, gently brush your lashes so that the color evens out better.

8: take some cream concealer and apply it along the lower part of your brow with a small concealer brush to make it look super sharp. Apply it on the outline of the tail if needed.

If you think your eyebrows look bad just save this link in your bookmarks and look at the top left picture!