Background & Work

I’m a self-taught Make-up Artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I came up with NyNa because of the two cities that represent my two souls: New York and Amsterdam. Because the original name of New York City was New Amsterdam, I just used their initials and came up with this name.

I started off in late 2012 through a good friend of mine who collaborated with the Dutch-based web magazine “Hoop Doop Magazine”. It was an interview for a contemporary Dutch artist called Barbara Wijnveld. At that time my make-up kit was quite limited, but this did not stop me from pursuing my dream. I remember the 1st thing that Barbara told me when she met me was: “Your make-up looks really good! It wasn’t always that way (with other make-up artists)”. That’s when I knew I had the chance to start something real.

Less than a year and a half later, here is what I accomplished:  (pages 60-69) (pages 60-75)  (pages 22-27 & 30-39)

xoxo, -S.


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